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St. John’s offers those subjects commonly taught at the elementary and junior high school levels in compliance with the California Department of Education. In addition, the school also follows the guidelines set forth in the Curriculum Guide for Lutheran Schools, as approved by our Board for Parish Education. Subjects include Bible instruction, memory work, mathematics, reading/literature, language arts, science, social studies, music, art, physical education/health, and computers. 


Basic to the curriculum is the study of God’s Word. Through this study the child is led to see the Holy Spirit’s guiding influence and the way of salvation made sure in the work of Jesus Christ, and he/she draws closer to the Father. Each child takes part in weekly chapel service, daily devotions, and other Christian worship and service projects. All secular subjects are taught with a Christian approach and from a Christian viewpoint. Additional programs such as concerts, assemblies, athletic events, field trips, an academic fair, etc. provide a variety of learning experiences.

Eagle Care

St. John’s offers extracurricular sports, 


St. John's offers several opportunities for students to participate in musical ensembles

St. John’s offers before and after school care.


St. John's offers weekly chapel services

Students K-5 have the opportunity to check out books weekly.


St. John's offers extracurricular clubs for students to further learning and community service